Pet Surgery


Having your four-legged family member have surgery can be scary whether it is routine or an emergency. Our expert veterinarians are ready to provide the best surgical care to your pet.

We perform routine surgeries like:

• Spaying and neutering
• Surgical oncology
• Orthopedic surgery
• Dental surgery.

While your pet is under anesthesia your pet will not be painful or stressed. We ensure your pet is comfortable and receives the best care while under anesthesia.

What is Next? After Surgery Care
Your veterinarian will explain what to expect after the surgery. All pets recover differently depending on age, types of surgery, and other factors. We will be available to answer any questions you may after about post-surgical care.

In emergency situations, we can perform the following emergency procedures:

• Foreign body removal
• Caesarian section
• Bloat surgery

In addition to being your local spay and neuter clinic in Fayetteville, we are here to help your pet with any surgical care they may need. Schedule your appointment today!

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