Exotic Services and Procedures


Wellness Care

Our wellness programs include: comprehensive physical exam, husbandry discussion, internal and external parasite testing and vaccination if necessary.

Anesthetic Monitoring

Your pet will be examined during check in to ensure that he or she is in top shape for surgery that day.

Nutritional Counseling

Exotic pets require unique housing and dietary specifications. All pets benefit from a balanced diet.

Pain Management

We understand that our patients feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as people do.

Vaccination Care

When a baby animal is born or hatched, its immune system is not yet mature; the baby is wide open for infection.

Rabbit & Rodent Dentistry

Dentistry of small exotic pets is a common and sometimes necessary procedure to correct and realign occlusion abnormalities. Dental problems in rabbits and rodents can lead to life threatening conditions due to their need for constant chewing and grinding of roughage material.

 Dental Care

Regular dental examination and routine cleanings are important in maintaining not only your pet’s teeth but his or her overall health as well.

Avian Grooming

Beak Grooming

Avian beak trimming is a precise skill that is obtained from years of experience working with avian patients. A bird’s beak is not only used for eating, but also as a tool and a sensory organ. Therefore trimming a beak is no simple task and must be approached with the utmost care and precision. It is also occasionally necessary to provide frequent trims to slowly correct a beak abnormality over time. Dr. Erby will assess the shape and length of your avian family member’s beak to determine if trimming is necessary and will create a long-term plan to achieve the best conformation possible.

Occasionally, traumatic beak fractures occur. Immediate examination and stabalization may be required in cases of severe trauma. After evaluating your animal’s injuries, Dr. Erby may recommend a surgical beak repair. These are usually performed under general anesthesia, and may require epoxy, cement, or other orthopedic procedures. Dr. Erby will create an estimate for you outlining the cost of any procedure necessary, and we will discuss any risks associated with your animal’s care.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is the simplest of all avian grooming but must also be performed quickly and efficiently to minimize stress and reduce time under restraint. It can be performed with either a dremmel or regular nail clippers and can occasionally be performed at home if your patient allows. Dr. Erby is happy to teach clients how to perform simple nail trims at home.

Wing Trimming

Wing trimming is important to maintain the safety of your animal, prevent escape, and sometimes even reduce unwanted aggression. This is also a skill that is best obtained from years of experience. There is a correct and an incorrect way to trim bird wings. A correct wing trim is obtained by choosing the appropriate number of feathers and trimming in the appropriate location on each feather. This will provide a gentle gliding stop and prevent falling or crash landing.