Parasite Prevention


Parasite prevention is important to your pet’s overall health. We offer a wide variety of parasite preventatives to keep your pet safe. While we try our best to prevent parasites from harming your beloved pet, parasite infestation can happen to anyone. We are here to identify and treat parasitic infestations to get your pet feeling better again.

There are several types of harmful parasites you should be aware of such as:

• Heartworms
• Ticks
• Intestinal worms
• Fleas
• Skin and Eat Mites
• Giardia

There are several symptoms to watch out for including vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss. If you notice your pet exhibiting symptoms of a parasitic infestation, please contact our hospital for our highly trained doctors to help your pet.

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Any pet can get parasites, call us today if you think your pet has a parasitic infection.

There are options for prevention and treatment.

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