Providing Special Care For Your Special Pets


A letter from Dr. Erby

Exotic animal medicine and surgery is a relatively new specialty to the veterinary medical field. Therefore, most of what we know about exotic animals is not taught in veterinary school, but is learned from the research and daily experiences of veterinarians who have devoted their entire careers to advancing the medical care and well-being of exotic pets. As a group, we exotic animal veterinarians strive to reach and exceed the standard of care for exotic pets, just as we do for traditional companion animals such as dogs and cats. My goal as your pet’s veterinarian is to provide my clients with the most current information regarding their unique pet’s medical condition and at-home husbandry recommendations. Then, through preventative healthcare and annual exams, cutting edge medicine and surgery techniques, and effective communication between pet owners and veterinary staff members, I hope to create an ideal environment to care for you and your exotic pet. Together, I believe we can help our unique pets live healthy, full lifespans by giving you and your pets the best we have to offer in animal healthcare. I truly care about each and every pet individually, and I will be looking forward to the opportunity to meet you and your exotic creatures.


Dr. Lindsey Erby