Wellness Exam


Wellness & Diagnostics

Wellness examination

20-40 minute exam and consultation with Dr. Erby where she will provide expert husbandry advice, examine your pet, and make recommendations for next steps in your animal’s medical plan

Diagnostic Plan

Many illnesses cannot be diagnosed just by examining your animal. Dr. Erby may suggest further testing to determine the best plan for treatment. Diagnostics offered include:

  • Radiographs – X rays of the chest, abdomen, appendages, teeth, etc.
  • Barium studies with contrast to determine GI motility and diagnose foreign objects within the GI tract.
  • Bloodwork – complete blood chemistry, complete blood cell count, thyroid testing, adrenal panel, liver panel, kidney panel, and many other tests available depending on what your individual animal needs
  • Ultrasound – basic abdominal ultrasound, referral to a specialist for advanced ultrasonography such as cardiac ultrasound, ultrasound guided aspiration, etc.
  • Urinalysis – analysis of a urine sample to determine whether infection or crystals are present in the urine
  • Fecal testing – parasites, culture for bacterial overgrowth, viral infection, etc.
  • Microscopy – microscopic examination of blood smears, fecal gram stain in birds, fine needle aspirates, skin scrapes, etc.

Advanced testing – Dr. Erby uses outside labs for the special tests that exotic patients sometimes require, including DNA sexing for birds, special viral testing, culture and sensitivity, reptile viral testing, rabbit e. cuniculi and pasteurella testing, and many more.

Treatment Plan

Dr. Erby may recommend medications to go home or in-hospital care depending on the severity of your pet’s illness. In the hospital, we use state-of-the-art equipment to monitor your pet and provide the ideal environment for their recovery.

  • Temperature and humidity controlled incubation for critical patients
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Micro-drip sets and syringe pumps
  • Reptile lighting with full spectrum UVA/B
  • Intravenous and intraosseus fluid therapy, antibiotics, and pain control
  • Bluetooth monitoring of vital signs