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All we hear are barks, meows and tweets of delight. We always appreciate hearing from our valued customers. Check out what our pet parents have to say about Wedington Animal Hospital. If you would like to share your experience, please review us on Google. 

What Our Pet Parents Say

Wedington is informative, helpful, and caring. I got my puppy Sunday and they were able to get me in Monday. I’m sure there are busier times when this isn’t possible, but I was so grateful. We like to bring our older dog here as well, sometimes to board him. When we pick him up, he’s happy, healthy, and we have a detailed report of his stay. I can’t recommend them enough!

Madison L.

I absolutely love Wedington Animal Hospital. Dr. Rolland is a gem, she cares, she is honest and doesn't hold any information back. We felt that she really cared about our pet.

We have been using Wedington for 10 years and 4 of our fur babies.

Dr. Rolland saved the life of our pet when he would have died, had he been left alone. She took him home with her, with our permission, and she watched, loved and medicated him that night. It saved his life.

I will drive quite a distance to have Wedington take care of my fur babies. Our fur babies are treated like their family there.

Angelathart C.

Wedington Animal Hospital loves my Boba girl (dog)! They always love on her when we are there and calm her down. She’s been seeing them since she was 9 weeks and will continue to for the rest of her life. Our vet Dr. Hanson is the absolute best, she is so friendly and takes the time to explain everything to me. They genuinely care about the animals health and develop relationships with them which is everything to me. The front desk staff is also super friendly! They work hard and they’re were my first impression to the clinic and one of the reasons I love bringing her there as they are always so excited to see her!

Jaylin S.

Our little Root Beer came down with a UTI. We needed a specialist because her regular vet said that was outside her expertise. We had to drive 40 minutes (one way) to see Dr. Folsom at Wedington Animal Hospital and it was so worth it! She and her team were great! She quickly diagnosed her and she didn't try to pressure us into expensive tests. She explained everything and left the additional test up to us. (We did do the optional test though for extra comfort of mind.) Our girl started feeling better in a couple days. Guinea pigs aren't as popular as dogs and cats but we have had our girls for 2 years and they are very important to us and it is valuable to have a team on your side that you can trust. We will happily make the drive in the future and look forward to seeing everyone at her two week follow-up!

Roni A.

As always, my Great Dane and I received excellent care from a very caring and friendly staff. We absolutely love Dr. Rolland. She is so patient and you can tell she truly cares about your pet. I highly recommend this place for all your pet needs. I'm very picky when it comes to my sweet Great Dane, Bella, and they have went beyond my expectations with caring for her during her senior years.

Ruby J.

Dr. Taylor Rolland is the absolute BEST! I do not trust my “babies” with anyone else. She has a heart full of love and she truly cares.

Aimee H.

This is the best place to bring your pet. My experience at wedington animal hospital has been nothing less than amazing. They are detailed, thorough, caring, competent, and compassionate. They care so much about their patients and families. They have exceeded all expectations and are superior to everyone else. They fix mistakes made by other animal hospitals. Bring your animal here.

Ashley S.

My dogs checkup visit was so nice and the technicians and veterinarian were nice and welcoming! Now my dogs grooming experience? PHENOMENAL. I picked up my dog and I’ve never seen a groomer trim his hair and De-shed his coat so WELL! I’m SO happy with how his cut looks and highly recommend Harrison!!

Bryan M.

Our dog has frequent seizures, so we go to the Wedington Animal Hospital regularly for appointments. All the staff is so kind and helpful. Our dog actually enjoys going to the vet because he feels so loved there by all the staff. The situation we are in with our dog's seizures is very difficult and emotionally straining, but the vet is doing everything they can to help us. And it makes us feel so much better knowing our dog is in good hands. Dr. Roland is the best! She is very sweet and extremely helpful. I'd recommend this place to anyone with a pet.

Jordan M.

I took my doggy in there and he was in rough shape, we couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t walking, eating, and in pain. The vet ran multiple tests on him and they all came back normal. He listened to us and was as well very concerned, he recommended we leave him there a few nights. They ran all the tests on him and figured out one of his organs wasn’t working so they called me and told me they needed to do surgery, so they did. Needless to say my dog is feeling better and is back to his old self. Truly grateful that the vets listened to us and did extensive tests, they didn’t give up on him. My dog loves all the staff there and they love him too. I feel very confident in all of them, and will take him back for all his check ups and shots. Thank you Weddington Animal hospital!

Jacky H.