Internal Medicine &  Surgery


Dr. Erby has been extensively trained in exotic animal medicine and surgery. Along with routine procedures such as spays and neuters for exotic pets, a few of her unique skills include but are not limited to:

  • Ferret insulinoma surgery and medical management
  • Ferret adrenal disease management and deslorelin implantation
  • Ferret GI disease
  • Rabbit and rodent dentistry
  • Rabbit gastrointestinal stasis management and surgery
  • Rodent tumor removal
  • Rodent flank ovariectomy
  • Reptile ovariectomy
  • Reptile exploratory surgery
  • Avian egg binding management and surgery
  • Avian hormonal therapy and behavioral techniques
  • Avian grooming – wing trims, nail trims, beak trimming, corrective beak trims and beak fracture repair
  • Pet pig grooming – sedated tusk trims, hoof trims, ear cleaning
  • Skunk descenting
  • Wildlife triage and critical care

When your animal requires surgery, Dr. Erby will discuss the reasons for surgery, the risks involved based on species and medical condition, and her best prediction for expected outcome (prognosis). If surgery is best for your animal, we provide the following precautions and equipment for every patient.

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work and IV or IO catheterization if indicated
  • Small patient monitoring systems
  • Rabbit Endotracheal Intubation
  • Pre-anesthetic and sedation drugs to provide gentle induction and minimize stress
  • Intra-op heat support
  • Close post-op monitoring to full recovery
  • Nutritional support as needed
  • Pain control tailored to the species of animal

Information! Dr. Erby will see primates and other specialty animals on a case-by-case basis but only after extensive phone consultation with the client prior to bringing the animal to the office. If you are contemplating obtaining a primate or other specialty animal as a pet, please call and discuss it with Dr. Erby before making your decision, to be sure she can become your new family member’s primary care veterinarian.