In-House Diagnostics


Wedington Animal Hospital has a wide variety of in-house diagnostic services available when your pet needs them. When your pet is sick it is important to get results fast, your pet’s results can be ready in minutes with our cutting-edge, advanced in-house diagnostic equipment.

We utilize advanced digital x-ray equipment to quickly identify the issue with your pet. Our advanced imaging is used to diagnose your pet’s conditions, like:

• Tumors
• Bladder stones
• Broken bones
• Pregnancy

Our state-of-the-art lab equipment can tell your trusted veterinarian a lot about your fur baby’s illness.

We provide the following in-house tests:

• Bacterial cultures
• Blood gases
• Blood tests
• Chemistries
• Complete blood counts
• Ear cytology
• Internal Parasite Screening
• Fungal cultures
• Heartworm disease
• Histopathology
• Mass cytology
• Pancreatitis test
• Skin cytology
• Skin scrapes
• Thyroid panels
• Tick panels
• Viruses testing
• Urine tests

Based on your pet’s results our veterinarians can provide the best treatment for your furry friend. You and our veterinarians will work together to decide what is best for your pet.

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