Services from Your Fayetteville Veterinarian

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Whichever Fayetteville veterinarian on our team your pet sees at Wedington Animal Hospital, they'll enjoy access to a wide range of care. We offer such diverse services and techniques as:

Wellness Exams

We can help your pet stay well through regular exams that catch any illnesses or other problems early. Our wellness exams include lab tests, external examinations, weighing and more.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy uses your pet's own stem cells to combat pain and injury. These undifferentiated cells are extracted, and then re-injected so they'll turn into the specialized cells needed for tissue repair.

Grooming & Bathing

Grooming and bathing removes oils that attract bacteria as well as painful matted hair. We also provide nail trimming, anal gland expression and other bathing/grooming essentials.


When your pet can't stay with you, have him stay with us! We provide a comfortable boarding facility and ready access to a skilled veterinarian in Fayetteville.


Your pet's teeth play a major role in his comfort and health. We offer regular dental checkups and cleanings, along with treatment of any dental or oral problems.


Our pharmacy makes getting your pet's meds fast, easy and convenient. We provide your pet with a wide range of commonly prescribed products.

Advanced Surgical Procedures

Trust Wedington Animal Hospital for advanced surgical procedures. We perform spay/neuter surgery, orthopedic reconstruction, emergency surgery, internal surgery, cancer surgery and dental surgery.


Ultrasound imaging displays your pet's internal soft tissues in real time. Your veterinarian in Fayetteville can even show you that future litter of puppies or kittens!

Digital Radiology Services

Our digital X-rays create highly detailed images that can be viewed instantly, they also take less time and require lower radiation exposure than standard X-rays.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is an advanced form of drug-free pain relief and healing. This low-level laser penetrates the skin to stimulate tissue repair and reduce inflammation.

Nutritional & Dietary Consultations

Our pets are what they eat! We offer nutritional and dietary consultations to help your pet overcome obesity and other health problems.

Onsite Laboratory

Our onsite laboratory provides fast, accurate results. This service is a critical advantage when every moment counts.

Emergency Care

We can provide emergency care for those urgent situations. Emergency services include trauma treatment, poison ingestion response, bloat surgery, removal of internal blockages and more.


Microchipping from your Fayetteville veterinarian can help reunite you with your missing pet. This tiny internal chip transmits a unique ID number when scanned.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Our diagnostic and therapeutic services let us get to the root of your pet's distress and provide multiple healing modalities as effectively as possible.

Start With Pet Exams that Fayetteville Trusts

There's no better way to try our services than with the comprehensive pet exams Fayetteville has come to trust. Call (479) 444-6600 for an appointment!