Microchipping at Wedington Animal Hospital

It’s natural for responsible pet owners to wonder what might happen if their beloved animal companion were to go missing here in Fayetteville AR. After all, an animal can get spooked and run off suddenly or could get separated from its collar and ID tag, leaving people who discover the pet no clear way to contact the owner. This is why we encourage all pet owners to bring their animals to Wedington Animal Hospital for microchipping.

cat being microchipped

Keep in mind that sometimes there is absolutely nothing a pet owner can do to prevent an animal from getting lost. An innocent person might not notice that a door has been left open, or the gate to the backyard has not been secured, allowing the animal to indulge in its curiosity to go roaming through the neighborhood.

Or, a natural disaster could lead to frightened animals becoming separated from their owners. Don’t confine your thinking to your immediate surroundings, as you might take your pet with you on a road trip or family vacation, during which the animal might go missing in a strange city. 

It’s hard to put up “lost pet” posters in a town when you are just passing through on vacation, and you cannot count on your online friends spotting your lost pet, even when they live in the same area in which the pet vanished. Protecting your pet with microchipping is a great insurance policy that may be the only way someone can get in touch with you after it’s been found.

Overview of Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping is a method of permanently identifying pets, using the latest in implantable technology to store a unique ID that connects a pet with the contact information of the owner, including phone number and address. 

If you are new to the idea of pet microchipping, you should know that it is a safe procedure that can be performed very easily here at our state-of-the-art facility. When someone finds your lost pet, they can bring it to a vet or shelter. The scanner uses radio waves to instantly detect the implanted microchip so your pet can be identified.

How Your Veterinarian in Fayetteville AR Performs Microchipping

Once you arrive with your pet, our veterinarian in Fayetteville AR will ask you to accompany it into the examination room. Typically, the owner will hold the pet, to help it feel calm and secure during the brief procedure.

A pet microchip is stored inside a very sturdy, tiny glass capsule that is about the size of a grain of rice. The glass is biocompatible and is safe to remain just underneath the skin of your pet. 

With pet microchipping, statistics are on your side. 

For example, pet owners’ attempts to recover their missing dog were successful only 14% of the time when there was no microchip, while microchip identification at animal shelters resulted in a 74.1% rate of return of missing pets to their owners, according to the latest statistics as cited by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Benefits of Getting Your Pets Microchipped

There are many benefits of bringing your pet in to be microchipped, including:

* Peace of mind that comes from knowing strangers can help locate you once they find your missing dog, cat or other pet.

* It’s easy to update your contact information in the pet microchip manufacturer’s database, such as when you move or change phone numbers.

* You have backup information that’s permanently connected with your pet, unlike a pet ID tag hanging from a frayed collar that’s about to fly off of your pet’s neck after getting lost.

Make an Appointment for Microchipping at Wedington Animal Hospital Today

The prospect of losing your beloved companion animal and no one being able to identify your pet and return it to you should be a strong motivation to arrange for microchipping as soon as possible. To learn more about the microchipping services that we offer at our facility or to make an appointment, please reach out to the team at Wedington Animal Hospital today.