Emergency Care

One of the most important things you can do as a pet owner is monitoring their health and be aware of the symptoms that may indicate an emergency and a trip to the Wedington Animal Hospital. Being aware of symptoms that your pet may exhibit when they are injured or sick will allow you to act quickly by stabilizing your pet until you can get them to the veterinarian in Fayetteville, AR. It may sometimes be difficult to know when your pet has a problem that is life-threatening and requires emergency treatment, so if you are in doubt, always contact the Wedington Animal Hospital for further advice. Here are a few of the most common pet emergencies to be aware of.

Cat healthy after Emergency Care at Wedington Animal Hospital.

Vomiting and/or Diarrhea

Although vomiting and diarrhea are common problems in pets, these symptoms can also be the indication of a serious illness. If your pet stops experiencing these symptoms within 24-hours, it is usually the result of an upset stomach. However, if the vomiting and diarrhea continue and you pet develops other symptoms, such as weakness, lethargy or appears to be in pain you should visit your veterinarian in Fayetteville, AR immediately.


The signs typically associated with a seizure include uncontrollable tremors and shaking, paddling with the legs, loss of consciousness and possible loss of urinary or bowel control. One of the most common causes of seizures in pets is epilepsy. It is important to note that if your pet has been diagnosed with epilepsy, every seizure may not be considered an emergency. If your pet has several seizures within a 24-hour period or the seizure lasts longer than a couple of minutes, then it is considered an emergency and you should take your pet to the Wedington Animal Hospital immediately.

Difficulty Breathing

If you notice your choking, wheezing, shallow breathing, excess coughing and/or weak and raspy breathing it is essential that you take your pet to the veterinarian for an exam. Breathing difficulties can be the result of a range of problems, including allergic reactions, heart disease, lung disease and a foreign body in their throat. A breathing problem is a serious and potentially life-threatening problem, so your pet needs to receive medical attention immediately.

The most common traumas are auto accidents, bites and falls. It is often difficult to assess the severity of your pet’s injuries following a trauma and even though there are external injuries, there may be internal injuries.

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Some injuries, such as poisoning or internal bleeding may take a while to show signs, so if you suspect any type of trauma, it is best to take your pet to the Wedington Animal Hospital as soon as possible for a thorough examination, especially if they were injured in a road accident.