Advance Digital Radiology Services

Pet Advanced Digital Radiology at Wedington Animal Hospital

If your animal is sick, injured or otherwise in need of immediate diagnostic imaging to see what the matter is, you want to go with a Fayetteville veterinarian that has years of experience in pet advanced digital radiology services. These types of scans are preferable to old-fashioned x-rays that require photographic film that must first be developed before images appear.

At Wedington Animal Hospital in Fayatteville AR, we specialize in providing dog x-ray and cat x-ray scans to quickly get a view inside people’s beloved animal companions. This speeds up the process of making a diagnosis and coming up with an individualized treatment plan. We know your time is valuable, which is one of the many reasons we utilized digital pet x-ray equipment in our modern facility.

x-ray exam of pet

Benefits of Pet X-ray in Fayetteville at Wedington Animal Hospital

If you’ve never brought your animal companion in for a dog x-ray or a cat x-ray a digital pet x-ray in Fayetteville, you should know that this is a safe and painless procedure that will be over before you know it.

A chief benefit of arranging for a digital pet x-ray instead of a conventional x-ray made with photographic film is speed. We no longer need to work with harsh chemicals to develop the image and of course there is no more waiting time. Digital x-rays give you immediate answers to whatever is going on inside your pet in Fayetteville AR.

Another major benefit is that your pet will be exposed to much less radiation when we use digital radiology, making it safer than conventional imaging techniques.

Our team uses digital x-rays to investigate problems with the reproductive system, the urinary system and the muscular-skeletal, gastrointestinal and cardiopulmonary systems as well.

In general, no anesthesia is required before x-raying your pet. But for some pets that are particularly anxious or boisterous, a small amount of gentle anesthesia may be needed to get the best imaging results in our state-of-the-art facility.

Common Reasons for Pet X-ray from Your Fayetteville Veterinarian

Your Fayetteville veterinarian team at Wedington Animal Hospital has a great deal of experience in using digital X-ray equipment. This diagnostic tool has proven invaluable over the years in helping us bring pets back to optimal health. 

People take their pets in for digital imaging to help with the diagnosis of a variety of health issues, including:

* Pregnancy

* Dental x-rays

* Tumors

* Bladder stones

* Foreign objects swallowed by the pet

* Check for broken bones

* Ailments of vital organs

This list is by no means comprehensive. Contact us if you have questions about other uses for digital radiology at our facility.

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Whether you are bringing your pet in for pregnancy check or to get help treating a disease or broken bone, our team is standing by to assist you in our modern, state-of-the-art facility. For more information about digital radiology services we provide for pets or to make an appointment with your veterinarian in Fayetteville, please connect with Wedington Animal Hospital today by calling (479) 444-6600.