Wedington Animal Hospital Offers Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy in Fayetteville

Wedington Animal Hospital Offers Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy in Fayetteville

Every pet owner has the right and responsibility to make informed decisions about their animal’s health, including how to provide pain management for age-related conditions, such as arthritis, and other physical injuries. At Wedington Animal Hospital, our Fayetteville veterinarian team is proud to offer stem cell therapy as one of our many valuable resources for helping dogs live healthy and pain-free lives. Read on to learn more.

About Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy: Can It Actually Help My Dog?

Stem cell therapy is an exciting and innovative technique that uses stem cells from your dog’s own body (typically found in subcutaneous fat) to revitalize painful and arthritic joints or tendonitis. To receive the treatment, your dog is put under general anesthesia so our Fayetteville veterinarian team can make a small incision and extract a sample of fat. The stem cells in this fat tissue are extracted, activated (with platelet-rich plasma and light), and then reinserted into your dog’s injured joints. 

These special cells are “undifferentiated,” which means that they have an incredible ability to grow into virtually any tissue within the body. So, when inserted into your dog’s affected joints, these stem cells get to work by regenerating into cartilage and other healthy and important joint tissue. By effectively “regrowing” your dog’s joints, your sweet canine friend is able to move easier and feel better—often with profound results.

At our animal hospital, we find that pet owners who have elected to give their dogs stem cell therapy are amazed and deeply touched to see their old canine friends walking, playing, and moving around with ease and joy. Many pet owners actually save money in the long run, since the stem cell treatment is so effective that many of the other pain management approaches (including medications) can be reduced or eliminated altogether.

Wondering If Stem Cell Therapy Is Right for Your Dog? Call Our Fayetteville Veterinarian Team Today

Our Fayetteville veterinarian team is confident that we can provide exactly what your dog needs to live a healthy life. If you would like to speak to a veterinarian in Fayetteville who can tell you more about stem cell therapy, call Wedington Animal Hospital today at 479-444-6600.