The Importance of Regular Pet Grooming Services in Fayetteville

The Importance of Regular Pet Grooming Services in Fayetteville

Making consistent appointments for pet grooming services in Fayetteville keeps your cat or dog looking sharp. You are also doing great things for your pet's health each time you make him or her a grooming appointment. At Wedington Animal Hospital, our veterinarians keep three professional pet groomers on staff who have 35 years of experience in various pet grooming services. 

dog being washed for pet grooming

What Are Some Benefits of Dog Grooming in Fayetteville? 

Most dogs in Fayetteville relish the extra attention that comes with a visit to the pet groomer. We tend to lavish our furry clients in gentle pats and belly rubs as our groomers give them a renewed shine and sparkle while also keeping an eye out for potential underlying illnesses.

Following are a few of our favorite benefits of dog grooming: 

  • A Good Brushing Keeps Your Dog's Fur Beautiful and Healthy. Long hair can cause uncomfortable skin issues for your dog. It can also cause matting, which becomes worse over time and can cause blood flow restriction.
  • Clipping Your Dog's Nails Keeps Him or Her Bounding Freely. Long toenails can quickly become painful. If left unattended, nails may grow into your dog's pads and cause an infection.

What Are Some Benefits of Cat Grooming? 

Not surprisingly, cats are not quite as open to visits to the pet groomer, but we work hard to persuade your cat to relax and enjoy their grooming session. Here are a few biggest benefits of scheduling a cat grooming appointment: 

  • Minimize the Cat Coughs. Furballs can be avoided by regular excess hair removal. 
  • Give Self-Bathing a Break. Every once in a while, your cat may enjoy giving their tongue a rest for a good bath from our groomers. 

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