The Benefits of using Cold Laser Therapy on your Pets

The Benefits of using Cold Laser Therapy on your Pets

What if there was a non-surgical and drug-free solution to help relieve your animal's post-operative pain? If your dog was suffering from arthritis or an ACL tear, is there something that could help her own body heal faster? 

At Wedington Animal Hospital, our Fayetteville veterinarian team are always looking for innovative and effective ways to help pets find relief from acute and chronic pain conditions. That's why we're proud to offer cold laser therapy for cats and dogs. 

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What is Cold Laser Therapy? 

Cold laser therapy works thanks to a phenomenon known as photobiomodulation. That's a fancy word that basically means certain frequencies of light can elicit changes in tissues within the body. 

During a cold laser therapy session, your pet is placed in a comfortable position. Our veterinarian in Fayetteville waves a wand like device over your animal's specific area of pain (such as a joint). This device emits a laser beam of a specific frequency and wavelength. When this laser beam comes in contact with your pet's tissue, it stimulates increased cellular metabolism, cellular regrowth, and repair, and even increased circulation and vascularization. 

Combined, these effects offer a great number of benefits to your beloved animal companion.

The procedure is painless, simple, and effective. Results are typically seen within a few short sessions.

5 Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for Pets

So, what are the benefits of cold laser therapy? Here are 5:

  1. Decreased pain
  2. Decreased swelling
  3. Decreased scar tissue formation
  4. Increased blood flow
  5. Accelerated tissue healing

Our Fayetteville veterinarian team has successfully used cold laser therapy to help animals recovering from a large variety of injuries, including bone fractures, tendon ruptures, ligament sprains, arthritis, knee injuries, and more.

Wondering if Cold Laser Therapy can Help Your Pet? Make an Appointment at Wedignton Animal Hospital in Fayetteville

Are you looking for a natural, non-invasive, and drug-free way to help relieve your pet's pain? Visit Wedington Animal Hospital! We can connect you with a veterinarian in Fayetteville, AR who uses cold laser therapy to treat a variety of ailments, To schedule your first appointment, call us today at (479) 444-6600.