Pet Microchipping with Our Fayetteville Veterinarian Team

Pet Microchipping with Our Fayetteville Veterinarian Team

At Wedington Animal Hospital, our Fayetteville veterinarian team is proud to offer pet microchipping services for cats and dogs. We strongly encourage every pet owner to consider getting a microchip for their animal to protect their beloved pet in the unfortunate event that it goes missing. 

dog being microchipped

Pet Microchipping FAQs

Is a microchip like a GPS?

Not exactly. A microchip doesn't allow you to "track" where your animal is--but it does make it much easier for you to reconnect with your animal if she is found and brought to an animal shelter or veterinary hospital. 

Here's how it works: your pet's microchip device contains a unique identification number that is linked with the account you'll set up for your animal when you register your contact information with the microchip database company. If and when your pet is brought to an animal shelter, veterinary hospital, or animal control center, the staff there can scan your pet with a wand like device, which will activate the microchip and alert the database registry that your pet has been found. 

You'll be contacted by the registry once this happens, so you'll be able to know where your pet is. 

Is a microchip difficult to implant? 

No. A pet microchip is about as small as a grain of rice. It can be easily implanted beneath your pet's skin, where it lies virtually invisible to the naked eye. This can be done during a simple office visit or even while your pet is under general anesthesia for some other procedure, such as a spay or neuter.

Is my information secure? 

Yes. Microchip databases privately store your contact information. 

Are pet microchips really worth it? 

Yes! Pet identification collars are helpful, but they can be removed or fall off. Pet microchips are like permanent identification tags that can drastically improve your chances of reconnecting with your animal in the event that she goes missing. 

If you'd like to connect with a veterinarian in Fayetteville, AR who can provide pet microchipping services for your animal, then call Wedington Animal Hospital today at (479) 444-6600. Call today!