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Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy in Fayetteville

If your pet is suffering from a painful joint, bone or soft tissue problem such as chronic osteoarthritis or damaged connective tissues in a joint, you may be worried about the prospect of subjecting him to extended major surgery especially if age or systemic disease adds to the element of risk. If so, you will be very happy to hear about a state-of-the-art treatment method known as stem cell therapy that may help your pet without the need for surgical intervention. Injecting your pet's own natural "blank slate cells" into the afflicted area can cause them to transform into whatever type of cell is necessary to facilitate natural healing. Wedington Animal Hospital is proud to be your source for veterinary stem cell therapy in Fayetteville.

What Is Stem Cell Therapy?

Most of the cells in your pet's body belong to specific categories such as bone cells, brain cells, muscle cells and so on. But the body also contains stem cells which are undifferentiated cells that have yet to turn into any specific type of cell. These "blanks" are lying in wait for the day they may be needed to replace dead or lost cells in a particular kind of tissue. When stem cells are introduced to differentiated cells, they are changed through chemical reactions into that type of cell. This means that worn joint cartilage, torn tendons and other painful conditions can be treated quickly, easily and non-surgically by injecting the stem cells wherever they're needed to make repairs.

How Your Fayetteville Veterinarian Administers Stem Cell Therapy

Since stem cells are readily found in adult animals, there is no need to extract them from embryos; we can simply use the stem cells stored in your pet's own body. Your Fayetteville veterinarian on our multi-practitioner team starts by removing a small amount of fat tissue, a rich source of stem cells. The fat is quickly processed so the stem cells can be extracted from it. We then inject those stem cells into the area to be treated. The cells will differentiate and reproduce over the following weeks, rebuilding damaged tissues and relieving pain -- and in many cases, that relief can last for years at a time.

Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Your Pet? Ask Your Veterinarian in Fayetteville

Stem cell therapy can be extremely helpful for animals struggling with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, injured ligaments or tendons, cartilage problems, chronic joint pain and even some internal organ conditions. If early research findings are any indication, this technique may eventually be used to treat other veterinary health problems as well, such as dry eye in dogs and stomatitis in cats. Pets who aren't fit enough for major surgery can withstand this procedure much more safely and easily, giving them back their daily comfort and mobility. Your veterinarian in Fayetteville can discuss your pet's condition and help you decide whether stem cell therapy makes sense for his needs. Call (479) 444-6600 for a consultation to learn more about our veterinary stem cell therapy in Fayetteville.

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